Friday, August 26, 2011

On Grace, Everywhere

See God everywhere. Be on the lookout for His gifts, His grace. And once you start seeing, more are exposed. It begins with a sprinkle, then steady drops, then it pours. God pours out so much blessing that there is not room enough for it

And all He wants is our thanks. To notice what He's doing. Be eager to find Him at work. It's a beautiful game of hide and seek we play with our Lord. 

It may be hard at first. How can there be blessing, grace, when we don't have enough money to pay the bills. Or when a grandmother dies. Or when she's run so far from Jesus she denies Him. 


In the darkest hour, when we feel most vulnerable, God Almighty scoops us into His loving arms. It is in despair that we search for Him, recognize our need for Him. Yet He is always there

So notice Him in the everyday. In the laundry time, the lullabies sung, the lattes shared with friends.

He is in all, with grace. For you.