Saturday, November 13, 2010

That little two year old in your ear...

You know, the flu did something to me this week.  It gave me time. I had a ton of time to sit around, lay on the couch and lie there. The first day this was great, we caught up on some TV we'd been meaning to watch, maybe a movie. Then day two...and day got a bit boring.

So I immediately started trying to think of things to do, things I could be productive on. I tried to stay busy. Problem was that I was so sick there wasn't a whole lot I could do. So I ended up lying around, sleeping, and reading.

There is a question that I had in all this though...Why don't we like to be quiet? Why don't we like to be alone? Personally, I was forced to face my inner toddler. And I don't like listening to him.

My inner toddler may be an odd way of phrasing it, but that's what I call the corner of my brain that says 'Why? Why? Why?' constantly. Normally this isn't a problem because we can just drown out our inner toddler...but every once in a while, I slow down enough he starts it up all over again.

For instance, if I'm being particularly angry at someone, and I'm reveling in my sense of injustice...the toddler ruins it all by sneaking up on my psyche and asking 'Why?'  The conversation would go something like this:

Me: I'm so ANGRY how could they POSSIBLY think this is a good idea! Are they crazy! I'm so MAD!
Inner Toddler (IT for short): Why?
Me: Well because they're doing it WRONG!
IT: Why?
Me: Because my way is better!
IT: Why?
Me: Because it works better! We have to do it the best way!
IT: Why?
Me: We can't just do it a way that isn't the best!
IT: Why?
Me: Because...*stomps off angrily*

See, I'm convinced that if you listen to your inner toddler enough, you'll realize eventually that 90% of the things we get all worked up over are really not important. So what if you have a better way of doing things? Maybe it's not the point. So what if someone else is immature and hurt you? If it's on purpose and they refuse to apologize, there's nothing for you to do but let go, forgive them, and hope they realize their mistake later. Anything else and you're just not obeying God.

So often we work and work at maintaining our sense of 'us vs. the world!' mentality. We've got it all worked out...and if other people would just listen...

But here's a question: How often do you think other peoples' Inner Toddlers defend you? 

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  1. I'd rather punish my Inner Toddler and send him back to his room. I don't like when he gets lippy with me :(

    But in all seriousness, very good post!